Life Healing


Life Healing Coaching offers a unique service to support healing your life at all levels: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. For example, it offers coaching to understand your relationship dynamics and strategies to clarify the confusion and help you resolve outstanding issues for a more positive, creative life.

Guidance can also be offered on mindfulness and stress management techniques to reduce emotional triggers for a calmer, more peaceful perspective for dealing with your everyday life at home or at work.

Physical issues can be assessed and treated with HomeoEnergetic medicines that are chosen for you, as the unique individual that you are with your personal experience considered paramount.

Take the plunge and experience all the input and services offered in a 10 session process with the VIP TRANSFORM system.

This 10 session course of treatment is carried out using 1-1 Skype consultations and with online webinar sessions where appropriate.

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Jacqueline received the Reiki Master Teacher initiation in 2006 after completing levels I and II in 2003/4 and since then offers Reiki treatments in person or by distance healing when required or requested.

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Life Healing Services

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‘Jacquie is extremely enthusiastic about what she does…She has a calm encouraging manner and confidently shows students the correct methods to employ…The learning taking place was at a deep level involving the whole person and every student clearly gained a positive experience. Jacqueline is clearly a gifted teacher in this very specialised context.’

Evelyn Adams | Teaching Observer | Langside College


‘Jacquie made time for each student and worked her way around explaining the lesson objectives…all carried out with infectious enthusiasm. Jacquie continuously encourages, motivates and engages with the students (who) are very comfortable with Jacquie and they clearly trust and respect her. It is a safe and structured environment (where) the students are very demanding, but Jacquie manages this well with professionalism, patience and humour.’

Margaret Hawthorne |Dundee University | Teaching Observer |Langside College